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Information Technology Consultancy

We build bridges between
IT and small business

Opla Solutions is a young Belgian IT consultancy company that helps small businesses to find they're way in the complex IT world. We accompany you from your first steps starting with the logo design, the implementation of your infrastructure and the development of your website and mobile application.

Our solutions are custom-made, carefully designed and rigorously implemented. We help our clients pioneer new IT products and services, develop innovative ideas and see them materialize.

Occasionally, we give ourselves the night off. The rest of the time, here's what we do:

Logo design

Your logo design... we take it personally! That's why we're not happy till it's perfect. We love to see you stand out and shine.

Web/UX design

Our approach... perfect on every screen. We ensure that your web solutions deliver a unique customer experience.

App development

Have we mentioned we're geeks? Send us your craziest idea, we'll do the magic and turn it into the coolest app for Android and iOS.

Project management

We're in the business of getting things done on time and on budget relying on proven methodologies like Prince2 and Aglile.

Let's make something great together.

Step by step creation process

Who we are

Think of us as an extension of your team.

As your trusted technology partner, we'll take care of all your IT matters while you focus on your business.

Contact Us...

If you have any requests, questions about life, the univers and everything ;-)

If you need (moral or software) support or just want to say "Hi!".

P.s. We love compliments. ;-)

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